A new tale from the 19th Century 

A project I've been planning for quite some time is coming together nicely now. Picking up from the story I told in Limehouse Boys, this story centres on Ned Farrier, and his search for love and fulfillment. He has left the barges, gained his 'ticket' as a Mate and a Master of seagoing vessels, but kept his connections with his friends, still in Limehouse even as he sails the world. Even as he succeeds in his ambition to be a Master of a ship, he finds the legacy of his childhood in a workhouse haunts him…

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A Halloween Tale from the crypt of Wolfgang, Count von Überwaldburg 

“Good evening, welcome to the Schloss Überwaldburg.” The Count waited until his guests recovered from the shock of his arrival. It had rather amused him to learn that his transition from the form of a bat — a shape his species had adopted as an alternative to their original, and far more ancient, rather larger, form when not appearing human — startled people. Particularly those who saw echoes of his original form in the adjustment dictated by the Laws of Physics governing the conservation of energy. Taking

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Books I'm reading ... 

An interesting book has come my way which addresses some of the issues social welfare is supposed to address. It is an area that is of interest to me ever since I began to research the society that pertained in Britain, and London in particular, in the first half of the 19th Century (see Limehouse Boys). If one's only knowledge of that period comes from the classic novels of Jane Austin, the Bronte sisters or Dickens, it can come as something of a shock to discover just how large the gap between the wealthy…

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A Cautionary Tale from the Count von Überwaldburg. 

“Welcome to my little soiree, my friends. Tonight I have a cautionary tale to tell, a story of pride, ambition — hubris if you prefer — which has dire consequences for the participants. It may even have consequences for you, my guests.” 

“Are you all comfortable? Perhaps you would like Igor to provide something to relax the tension of anticipation? A little light restraint perhaps, for the gentleman at the rear? No? Then let us begin. Our story takes us to an ancient, sun baked land. A land of mountains,

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A little Folk Tale from the Count von Überwaldburg 

“Good evening.  I am Wolfgang, Count von Überwaldburg, Vicomte Grabstein and Graf von Wolfswald. Welcome to my Crypt for another little soiree. Some of you young ladies may wish to divest yourselves of those thick neck scarves. In the warmth of this cosy dungeon, you may find it uncomfortably warm. I can assure you there is no need to attempt to conceal the graceful sweep of your jugular, Madam, I have already feasted, and this evening I am quite satisfied - sated in fact.” 

The haughty face softened in a

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Equal Rights ... 

The Count von Überwaldburg wishes to make a complaint ...

Schloss Überwaldburg
Bad Grabstein

Frau Dr Woodhouse
Ünterwaldisch Commission for Equal Rights 
Anti-Discrimination Division
Bad Jujuheimer


Sehr geehrte Frau Direktorin,

I write pursuant to the stated policy of the government to, I quote, ‘create a culture of equality in which all citizens may live, irrespective of race, creed or culture’. The document I have before me, forwarded by a helpful slave serf peasant…

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A Little Something from my "Sinners" files ... 

A Gothic Tale

Welcome to the Schloss Überwaldburg. I am Wolfgang, Count von Überwaldburg, Vicomte Wolfswald und Graf von Grabstein, your host. The estimable Mr King suggested I host this little soiree, and share some of the horrors pleasures, of the Schloss. I cannot, of course, reveal all - it might overwhelm some more sensitive souls, so I shall share a simple, and, perhaps, cautionary tale of recent date with you.

It began, as these things often do, as a simple dare between friends. In their ignorance…

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The writing challenge ... 

Being an author is an interesting, and sometimes challenging, mix. You're constantly having to juggle ideas for your next book(s), identify the research, market your existing catalogue and find space to actually write something. This is true whether you're published by a 'traditional' publisher, or an 'independent'. It is up to the author to make sure the story hangs together, that the background research is sound, and, of course, the written word is going to hold your reader's attention. I find that once…

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The Glorious Days of Old ... 

Reading historical novels is enjoyable, but I often find myself wondering whether I'd like to return to the "good old days". The simple answer is probably not. Life certainly seemed less stressed and less complicated, but was it really? Reading the pages of some historical novels you could be forgiven for thinking it was not only more relaxed, but a lot more enjoyable. In some things it probably was, but it depended a lot on your social position and your 'wealth'. We forget, I think, that one reason men's…

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